Get Lost in a world of Art

(Shot By Alexis Walkins – Shot with iPhone 6s)

Welcome My name is Alexis Dony’a Walkins and I am a fiction/poetry writer and I have a created a second website dedicated to photojournalism. Have you ever heard of the saying ” one image can speak a thousands words?” well it’s true and I am here to help share that with you guys, and to help your voice be heard through multiple imagery. With this website I will be soon sharing different images, create different mental health and self love courses, share stories surrounded by the lgbtq community, the BLM community, women’s issues and so much more that will help millions of individuals like me and you that struggle with anything that tries to hold us back, I will soon help my partner with her podcast/documentary that we will soon put together in 2021 which is called “something in the water) (details coming soon) I hope you enjoy !

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